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change your thoughts, and you'll change 

your world

restore, maintain and enhance your emotional

well being

my approach

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Im here to help. That is literally my job. Get in touch and we can talk about how I can help you. 

 samantha wagman  


I imagine you're here because you're curious about what I do and how I can help. Well, keep reading and hopefully I'll

provide some answers. 

I'm a social worker and therapist. I'm passionate about what I do, the support I provide and the therapeutic working relationships I foster.

I live and breathe helping people and found the most meaningful outlet to do so in therapy.  

So how can I help?

I believe everyone needs someone to talk to. Someone who is not a spouse, family member or friend. A neutral person, who can listen with no judgment and ask questions with curiosity to discover a deeper understanding. A person who has the tailored training to equip you with tools to help you manage your day to day life so you can feel capable and emotionally healthy. We live in a time where we are recognizing the intrinsic value of positive mental health, but achieving it is hard!

Let me help you manage your concerns, struggles and obstacles. You dont have to suffer, you can feel better and

you dont need to do it alone.

Seeing me for therapy sessions will change your thoughts, feelings, behavior and ultimately your life for the better

... if you let it. 



about me

 My expertise is in:

⋅pregnant and postpartum mental health

⋅parenting support

⋅reproductive and sexual health

⋅pregnancy loss 



⋅teen/young adult concerns

⋅family conflict/relationship issues

about me
individual therapy

So you're thinking about seeing me solo, what a great way to get some meaningful work completed! You've recognized  that you want a change. You understand you have the potential to feel better on a daily basis but you're not quite sure how to move forward?

Cue: me.

We will chat about different aspects of your life and come out the other end with a deeper personal understanding of your past choices, your current goals and how to get there. You will be equipped with concrete strategies to help you manage your mental health.

Cost per 55 minute session: $165 - $175

couples counselling

Relationships are hard work.

Really. Really. Hard. Work.

But, having a safe space to have open and honest conversations with your spouse make relationships a little (hopefully a lot) easier. Learning to effectively communicate as a team, listen and hear each other and gain a better sense of each others needs and wants are critical components of a healthy relationship.

So are they hard work? Absolutely.

But can it be easier? Of course.

Attend therapy with your spose and work through the issues that are worthwhile to work on. 

Cost per 55 minute session: $200

family therapy

People don't exist in isolation so sometimes, it can be helpful to address familial concerns with the whole clan. This way, everyone is given an opportunity to contribute to the discussion and leaves with a sense of responsibility to do their share in changing the family dynamic for the better. Family therapy improves communication for the whole family which helps everyone deal with stressful times more effectively. Plus, role away modelling to children that your family's issues are worth addressing sets a very positive example of how to manage conflict in the future. They begin to learn there is a positive way to facilitate change in meaningful relationships. What better lesson can you teach them?

Cost per 55 minute session: $200

pregnant + postpartum

Receiving support while pregnant or postpartum can be a life saver. This time of transition may not be quite what you expected and talking to a therapist about these feelings can be hugely helpful for you and your partner.  But, I know it can be hard leaving your house at 8.5 months pregnant or with a brand new baby at home. So, let me take off some of the pressure,

while still providing therapy.

I offer virtual counselling;

you don't need to 

try to figure out a good time to come based on baby's schedule (which let's face it... has a high probability of not working out).

Cost per 55 minute session $165 - $175



I currently offer virtual and in-person appointments. My office is located in Leslieville, Toronto.

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